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31 December 1998
Well, I got the photos back today/yesterday... They look pretty good. Once again, I've posted the best in my photos section, as well as updating the section itself, creating a menu for easy navigation and fast downloading. Instead of having lots of thumbnails downloading, they're all split up into dates.

When I was in Sydney I rediscovered the joy of a particular computer game called Diablo. I was playing it on his computer while I was there. After returning home, I've reinstalled it and have been playing myself silly with it. Hehehe  Another game I've been addicted to was Fallout 2, but Diablo has taken over again... I can't wait until Diablo 2 comes out.

This holiday period has been quite nice and relaxing... even exciting. Travelling, meeting people, eating fine foods and generally just being a bum. It's great!   However, I wish more bums could have the kind of life I lead...

It looks like I'm not going to the coast again for new year's eve. I've decided that I can't afford it, and instead I'm going to hang around here. I think a friend of mine will be coming over and we'll watch videos, play the N64, have interesting conversation and maybe watch the sun come up. I could think of better things to do on New Year's Eve... like what I did last year... but I don't think I'll get into that right now, except to say it's a bummer being single. *sigh*

Live and work but do not forget to play,
to have fun in life and really enjoy it.



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