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28 June 2000
Photos of Wellington and New Zealand

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1.jpg (34828 bytes)
View from our
'front yard' (Pt 1)

2.jpg (34500 bytes)
View from our
front yard (Pt 2)

3.jpg (32014 bytes)
View from our
front yard (Pt 3)

4.jpg (29875 bytes)
Close-up of cliff
 across the bay (Pt 1)

5.jpg (36096 bytes)
Close-up of cliffs
across the bay (Pt 2)

7.jpg (28829 bytes)
Island in the distance...

6.jpg (28476 bytes)
Coastal shot of the sth coast,
west of Wellington

8.jpg (31025 bytes)
Close-up of
same coastal shot

9.jpg (33619 bytes)
A pretty inlet

11.jpg (44782 bytes)
Wellington (1)

10.jpg (32760 bytes)
Wellington (2)

12.jpg (21077 bytes)
Wellington (3)

13.jpg (27367 bytes)
Lyall Bay (centre distance)

2000 Alan Howard