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6 December 2001
My holiday back to Canberra

church1.jpg (85358 bytes)
Mel behind the church
with the binoculars
church2.jpg (86900 bytes)
A tree behind the church
church3.jpg (55097 bytes)
Me behind the church
not wanting a photo taken!
dinner1.jpg (63530 bytes)
L-to-R: Shannon, David N, David G, Peter, Simon, James, Me
dinner2.jpg (44052 bytes)
Peter and his jug of margarita
dinner3.jpg (53921 bytes)
Shannon, David N and David G
dinner4.jpg (41840 bytes)
David N
dinner5.jpg (42419 bytes)
David G
dam1.jpg (117916 bytes)
Cotter Dam through some trees
dam2.jpg (95224 bytes)
Mel in front of the dam
NickAlan.jpg (136231 bytes)
Nick and me
estera.jpg (81842 bytes)
Estera and me
dam3.jpg (93008 bytes)
Me on the dam
canberra.jpg (83207 bytes) canberra1.jpg (66626 bytes) canberra4.jpg (100284 bytes)
canberra2.jpg (71889 bytes) canberra3.jpg (83530 bytes) canberra5.jpg (42727 bytes)
rainforest.jpg (180404 bytes) rainforest1.jpg (120649 bytes) rainforest2.jpg (95104 bytes)

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