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Another good question.  Many people have asked why the hell do I put my life and thoughts onto the internet, where everyone can see them.  The answer to that little mystery of life is not an easy one.

I have gone through a number of different theories since I started this back in late '98, and I'm hesitant to mention the latest theory, 'cause it just might change by tomorrow!

Basically I do this because I enjoy it.  There's a certain excitement that comes from knowing that other people find your life interesting enough to read, to come back to, to keep up to date with.  It's been said that my life is almost like the TV soap opera Days Of Our Lives, but more interesting!  It's a challenge for me to write in such a way that my everyday experiences become something meaningful for other people to read, and maybe relate to.  That's essentially what it comes down to - a creative exercise in making my life interesting to complete strangers.

And along the way, to get some enjoyment out of other people's interest in who I am.

2003 Alan Howard