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3 January 1999
There are some people staying here with Alex and Erin (who I'm sharing this house with). The people have 3 kids, and the father is a real "rough nut". One of the kids just wet one of the others, and this other kid went complaining to dad, and dad went to the first kid and told him, "You do that again I'll f**king drop ya!" Charming. It's sad when parents have no idea how to talk to or raise their kids. I'm not a parent, but I do know what is and isn't appropriate, and that just isn't appropriate at all.

Once again I've been looking through some journals done by other people.  There's some interesting ones out there. There's even a small number of them who apparently read each other's journals every day. 

This brings me to wonder about my own motivations for doing this journal. Am I doing this as some form of vanity, as another journal writer seems to believe he's doing it for? I think I am. I originally started this as an extension of a personal diary that I've kept for the past 13 years, but now that it's online for
everyone to read, it's different. An analogy that comes to mind is of someone who stands at their window with everyone being able to see them getting dressed or undressed - an exhibitionist. I think having an online journal is another example of exhibitionism. However, I should clarify now that I don't dress or undress so that everyone can see me! Anyway, I guess this means I'm an internet exhibitionist now... 

Being the middle of summer that it is, it's been very hot, and today is no exception. However, some clouds have just come over and it's started hailing.  Bizarre.



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