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 The Journal of Alan Howard

9th August 2000

And now it's time for another update. I can't remember the last one... I think I was talking about my new job. Well, I'm into the second week of it, and today was the first day of the work that I was hired for. However, I only got one phone call... LOL Hopefully it'll get busier as time goes by. For most of this time I've been working on an intranet (like an internet website, but accessible only within a company's internet computer network) sub-section that's been designed with all kinds of tech support information to help myself and other staff provide the level of support that the client needs.
It's been quite a tedious task, but I finally got it completed yesterday, all 260 pages of it. Sheesh. I'm now suggesting to them that I take over the role of upgrading their actual intranet, which they're quite keen on at this stage. So I'm adding extra work for myself here, but will hopefully make myself invaluable as their web design person, and they might end up keeping me past my contract... hehehe.

Michelle and I have been having an absolute ball together. We're in a wonderful relationship that is just getting better all the time. It's not always easy, but we're both committed to communication, understanding and growth, and that certainly helps. She was up in Auckland for the past two weeks, working on a project for her company. I went up to join her there on Friday night, and we returned to Wellington on Sunday. While up there, we had a fantastic time! Auckland has a similar feel to Sydney, but the streets are wider and there's not as many people. There's a sky tower there, which is much taller than Telstra Tower in Canberra, and the view is excellent! We were up there on Saturday. After that we went to the cinema and saw Gladiator, which only just started here in NZ.

Oh, on Friday night, we were at this casino, and someone won a $100,000 Porsche Boxer, literally as we walked past them! They were playing the pokies, and they got a jackpot and won the car as well! It was huge, there was people coming out of the woodwork, there were bells and sirens and whistles, and there was the woman at the pokies wondering what all the fuss was about. I think she didn't understand at all what was happening. 

On Sunday we went on a ferry out to an island in the bay somewhere, and had a nice time there. The views were magnificent.

It was a great weekend - the photos are coming soon!

Things are going really well over here.... it's quite exciting!

Love ya's all.




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2001 Alan Howard