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 The Journal of Alan Howard

8th April 2001

Things just go from great to even better!  I've just returned from Palmerston North, a town nearly two hours north from Wellington, where my lovely lady friend lives.  I've just brought her and her two boys down here to Petone, where she's staying with some friends for a few days, and then I'm taking them back home Thursday night for Easter.  It should be great, catching up with her nearly every night this week, and then spending a long weekend together.  Things are moving really nicely between us, and it's absolutely exciting at how things are developing!  She was planning on moving to Wellington at the end of this year, but now she's working on doing it within the next couple of months - it seems I'm a good incentive for her to move those plans forward a bit.   She's also a good incentive for me... lots of changes are happening in both of our lives, and the future looks rosy indeed.



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2001 Alan Howard