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 The Journal of Alan Howard

Tuesday - 11th December 2001 - 11:50pm

Photos, moving house and future holidays...

I've finally finished scanning in the images of my trip to Canberra, Australia.  It's taken 3 days, and about 6 hours over that period of time.  I've put them into the journal entry of the 6th, and along the way, I've edited some of it, to flesh it out somewhat.

This weekend I'm moving house, temporarily into Vicki's place, while I continue looking for somewhere nice to stay.  Hopefully I won't be there for too long.  It's great having wonderful friends who are so helpful, but I don't ever want to be a bother.

I found a new masseur last week, and the first visit will be this Friday night.  Hopefully they'll be fantastic!  Anything less than fantastic isn't good enough, as far as I'm concerned.

I found out late last week that I'm considered by my employers to be providing Level 2 helpdesk support now, whereas I used to be Level 1.  This 'promotion' slipped up on me without me knowing, but apparently it'll be reflected in my annual pay review that occurs in April next year.  I hope it's a substantial difference...

Last weekend, I worked two 12-hour after hours shifts, 8am - 8pm on Saturday and again on Sunday.  In that two days, I earned $30 less than what I do in a week!  And that is on top of a week's income...  So now I'm pushing to do as many after hours shifts as I can.  I need to recover from the Australia trip, pay back some loans, and save up for my next holiday over there, which I'm hoping to be around March/April next year.  In June/July I will hopefully be going to Vanuatu to stay with Scot for a few days.  A tropical paradise in the middle of winter should be just what I need...  <smile>



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