Sunday 18th August 2002

Into the future...

Over the past few weeks it's become obvious to me that something amazing is happening in my life.  It's all about the future that I'm heading into right now, and it's with Nic. 

realised that much of what I've been doing within the process of getting to know her has been influenced by my experiences with Michelle, and others on a lesser scale.  Those things that I experienced with Michelle helped me realise what I don't want in my life, and I've been on my guard about that ever since.  There's been a running joke about testing each other against what we want in a partner, and what we don't want, and while it's been a joke between us, it's also the truth.

Both of us have been to places in our past where we never want to go again.  And we've discovered that both of us are what we have each always wanted in another person. 

About 8 years ago I wrote out a description of 'My Ideal Woman' and kept it in my wallet all the time since then.  Nic is my ideal woman, and apparently I'm her ideal man (although she never kept a description in her purse).  What we've learned about each other has been amazing.  Our attitudes towards life intermix, along with our attitudes towards relationships.

We are both at the best time of our lives for each other, and it's been fantastic!

We're in love, and both of us are working towards achieving the dream of a future together.

What's even more exciting is that the universe seems to be somewhat working in our favour as well.  My employer is expanding into Auckland with the helpdesk, and they're excited by the fact that I want to move up there.  So they're looking at employing me up there in the same role, but the advantage for them is that they won't need to look for and hire a person for the role that I'd be taking.  Of course, they need to hire other people up there, but I'm one less person they'd need to worry about hiring.  So they're excited, I'm excited, Nic's excited...  everything's falling into place for a particular path for me to follow, and the whole thing is just fantastic!

I'm looking at moving early next year.  Nic and I are already planning a lot of the things that we're going to be doing together as we begin the rest of our lives.

She was down here last weekend, and we spent the entire weekend together, enjoying each other's company, and finding out if we click physically, like we click mentally and emotionally.  We clicked.  It was a great weekend.  On the 6th September I'm going up there, and we'll be seeing each other every month until I'm there permanently.

My life has changed again, and I'm moving forward into something more wonderful than I've ever had before.

I love it.  I love Nic.  Life is great.


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Monday 26th August 2002

Something new...

I've been looking around at different journal websites in between phone calls today, and I found a 'template' that someone offered for an online journal.  I liked it, so I modified it and used it for a new look journal page.  I'd appreciate it if you could give me some feedback on what you think of it. 

Tonight I'm beginning work on a new-look intranet for work as well.  They have a deadline of the 1st October, and based on how much work is involved, I told them that their deadline is unreasonable in terms of how much needs to be done.  So we've negotiated an agreement that any overtime I do will be given as time in lieu, which is fine by me.  With the amount of overtime this will take, I'm planning 2 hours a night, for the next 5 weeks, which will give me about 6 days off.  On top of my normal holiday leave.  Nice.  I'm quite happy with that.   :-)  It begins tonight.  Now.  So I better get to it!

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Tuesday 27th August 2002


Published at 12 midday

I spent some time online with Nic last night, working out the schedules of our trips over the next few months.  We've organised everything up until early January 2003, and booked most of the air tickets.  The rest will be booked next pay.   :-)    I put in an application for a week's leave this morning, for early December.  Hopefully that will be approved, and then I can book the tickets for that too.  It's all very exciting!  And then early next year, the plan is that I'll be moving up there.  At this stage, I'm not sure of the timeline that my employer is looking at, so I can't make any plans for moving yet.  They've suggested the next few months, so it should be early next year, and I'll be moving up to Auckland when that happens.

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