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 The Journal of Alan Howard

15th July 2000
Well, Michelle is off at the cinema watching a movie with some friends, so I've got the evening to myself. I'm going to fill it up with writing this email, playing a computer game, and then watching Bruce Springsteen on Channel V (cable). She should be home by the time that finishes.

I'm having a wonderful life here... I know it's been a few weeks between updates, but that's only because it's been more about just taking it easy than doing anything exciting. I've been to a couple parties here and there, been on a few drives out into the countryside and within Wellington, and generally just have had a wonderfully relaxing, blissful time.

Last week I started looking for a job full-on, and am now registered with nearly all the job agencies in town (except for two of them who rejected me 'cause I was overskilled and they didn't think they could find anything for me... go figure.). I should get a job pretty soon, and naturally I'll keep you all updated.

We went for a drive out to a place called Masterton two weekends ago, and found bottles of bourbon (1125ml) for $21.95. Naturally we bought one! We discovered that brand (Woodstock) last night in Wellington at 2 for $50, so it's pretty cheap out there in Masterton. However, we also found another brand (Kentucky Choice) for only $19.95 for 1125ml... and best of all, we can't really distinguish between the three!!! So we're going for the cheaper variety now... hehehe. Darlene, you'd love it... LOL

On July 23rd, Michelle is going to Auckland for 3-4 weeks for a project at her company's office up there. She's trying to get me a job on helpdesk support for the same project so that I can go with her, but we'll see how that goes. As it stands now, I'll be going up there for the first weekend, then she's coming down here, then I'll be going up there, etc. So at least we'll see each other every weekend.

On Monday just gone, all my stuff finally arrived, after spending 3 or so weeks on a ship getting here. Since then, I've been enjoying the use of my own computer again. Woohoo! There's nothing like your own computer to play on.... However, there's only one modem between us, and Michelle doesn't have a network card yet, so for internet activity I'm still using her computer, until we get her a network card (hopefully soon). Then we can link computers together and use the modem for both of them. Her telecommunications provider ( ) have her on a deal that gives her two phone lines, cable tv, and 250 hours of internet access a month for $79. For only $149, she can have cable internet access as well as all the above (cable internet gives us unlimited Mb and time), so as soon as I get a job I'll be paying the extra $70/month for the upgrade. I'm looking forward to that... hehehe

Tomorrow, Michelle and I are going to this Buddhist monastery nearby (half an hour away) which has an extensive garden layout. We're going to go walk around it and enjoy the tranquillity. Oh, and Dave S... I'll keep an eye out for any combat Buddhists.... <grin> Or are you the only one? You could be a Master... how does one join your order or whatever you call it?

Until next time, this is me signing off...



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2001 Alan Howard