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 The Journal of Alan Howard

26th July 2000
I went for my first job interview today (not including the interviews I've had with job agencies), and I got the job! Woohoo! It's a helpdesk role, providing support to farmers who will be using a new web-based farming application. I'll have to support that, as well as other general internet and Office applications as well. The pay is pretty good, being around $46,000 a year, but is only a 2-month contract. There's no guarantees of it continuing after that, but I'm planning on making myself the kind of asset they can't let go, so they'll have to keep me in something there!

I start on Friday. This will be my first real job in NZ!

This is the end of the updates transferred from the emails I sent to my mailing list.  What is likely to happen from now on is that any updates to that list will either come from this journal, or journal updates will go to the list.  Either way, all my friends AND you people reading this are going to be kept up to date with my adventures in New Zealand.

Michelle has been in Auckland this week, working on a project there for her company.  She'll be back here on Friday night, and we're going to be celebrating my new job.  Now that I've got some real money coming in, it looks like I'm definitely going to Canberra in September for Estera's wedding, and possibly to Queenstown in August to meet up with 'Jill' from Canberra.  She's going there for some skiing, and invited Michelle and I to join her there.  I wasn't sure if we'd make it, 'cause money has been tight, but now I've got a job, things are much easier.

Other plans include going to London for xmas and new year.  I'm becoming a traveller...




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