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 The Journal of Alan Howard

9th June 2000 - 5:20pm, Friday
I have recently felt fear, and called it 'moving'.  But I'm overcoming that fear and 'moving on'.  Hehehe.  Excuse the pun.

Michelle is incredible.  Moving house is stressful; moving to a different country is apparently even MORE stressful!  As I'm experiencing various stresses and traumas here and there, all associated in some way with moving from Canberra, Michelle is always there for me.  She's so supportive, loving and reassuring - everything I need her to be.  She's making it so much easier for me to move over there to be with her.  Each and every time an issue comes up, and she helps me resolve it, we become closer and closer.  And she's had a few of her own too, which I've been there to help her with as well.  Every time I've expressed my stress, she's been loving, understanding and helpful.  Over and again, she's reassured me that she's not running away, that she's committed to me, and that she loves me.  I've needed that.  I've needed her reassurance and love to prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that she really does want me there, and that having me there is worth all these issues that we're both resolving.  It's just so wonderful to meet a woman who is giving me as much as I'm giving her.  It's so rewarding...  she's who I've been looking for my entire life.

Tomorrow I'm going to be packing my computer away.  This will be the last journal entry for a while.  While the computer (and other stuff) is going to be in transit for 3-5 weeks, I'm taking my hard drives with me on the plane, packed with my luggage.  That way, I can continue to use them (if necessary) on Michelle's computer...  just hook them in as extra drives, and access the relevant information from them.  That'll be important for me in order to continue working on my websites over there, particularly this one!  Hehehe.

Well, it's been a blast, but I'm going now.  I'll see you all again soon...  Keep an eye out in here for the next update - whenever it might be.  And take care...

Stop sitting there
with your hands folded
looking on, doing nothing;
Get into action
and live this full
and glorious life.
You have to do it.




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2001 Alan Howard