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 The Journal of Alan Howard

29th May 2000 - 12:52am, Monday
This weekend has been full of more first's for me...  On Friday night I did something that I've been wanting to do for quite some time, but only now did I get around to it.  I set my webcam up with some software so that it automatically takes a snapshot (capture) every 60 seconds.  It then uploads it to the server, and a page I created automatically refreshes every 60 seconds and grabs the latest capture and shows it on the page.  It's a lot of fun...  it's like a window into my life, so that all you voyeurs out there can see me sitting in front of the computer...  God knows why you'd want to do that, but you do!  It's actually quite amazing...  There's thousands and thousands of websites out there that have webcams on them, and they have quite large fan followings.  I know that the most popular webcam sites are the ones with naked women on them...  and men just don't get the same following!   LOL    I also think that having this webcam allows me to pretend to be an exhibitionist...  not that I'd show anything revealing!  Heaven forbid!  But it's fun to have going every 60 seconds...

Another first was that yesterday it snowed here in Canberra!  Now, it's not unusual for it to snow around here...  but it IS unusual to snow in the middle of the day, in the middle of the city!  We usually get snow at the end of winter, and even then it's only on the hills surrounding Canberra.  Yesterday it snowed here.  It was amazing.  And then today it snowed again - much thicker than yesterday and it went for longer!!!  What made it even more magical today was that I was having a lovely phone conversation with Michelle, and watching the snow falling outside.  It was beautiful...

I've never seen snow fall before, except for tv and movies.  The only snow I've physically seen and been in was a few years ago - but that was the day after a night of snow, which I never saw fall, and it was only in the hills outside of Canberra.  I went for a bushwalk in it - that was also beautiful!  

So this weekend was my first time ever to actually see snow falling.  I was out in it yesterday, getting the camera from the car.  I stood in it briefly, looking up and letting the snow fall on my face - it was cold!  I quickly went back in and took photos from inside!

I'm moving to New Zealand on the 14th June 2000.  It still is yet to sink in and become real.  I'm leaving the country and moving overseas...!!  This is such an exciting and scary time for me!!  It's such a huge decision, and a huge move.  My entire life has changed, and I'm excited to just go with the flow.

Michelle's not having an easy time of it, unfortunately.  Her work is stressing her out, and she's afraid that her challenges over there are going to prevent me from coming over there to be with her.  Every day I reassure her that's not the case, that I love her and that I'm really coming over there to be with her for ever and ever.  I'll be really glad when I'm over there, and I don't have to reassure her anymore that I'm really coming.   <smile>   Things will be so much easier for her - and for me - once I'm there.  The future is coming, and it's going to be so exciting!  We'll be together in love.

All the world's a stage,
and all the men and women,
merely players;
they have their exits
and their entrances,
and one man in his time
plays many parts.




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2001 Alan Howard