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 The Journal of Alan Howard

9th May 2000 - 2:04am
I'm tired.  I've finally finished the Archives for this site.  And after having gone through the old journal in the process of transferring the content over to this one, I have two things to say.

1) The old journal was shit!  It was too difficult to maintain, what with strange linking processes, and all kinds of errors that I found.

2) I was shocked at the 3-month gap between October 1999 - January 2000!!!  I never realised that there was a gap there that large!!!  Bloody hell.

The only good thing about the old journal was the appearance, the fact that it looked like a Star Trek console.  I liked that.  But now I like this much better.  It's an evolution...  a spiritual evolution.  This new look reflects the new state of my life.  Everything's changing.

Hmmm...  something just occurred to me.  This change that's come over me...  it occurred at the exact same time that 7 planets aligned in our solar system, which was astrologically significant.  Well, it was certainly significant for me too.

I had a great chat with Michelle tonight.  She was going through a depressing time tonight, what with a few things happening over in New Zealand which had given her a bad day.  I was supposed to go out tonight, but that changed, and so when she came online (on ICQ) expecting me to be out, it was a lovely surprise for her to find out that I was actually still here!  It was really nice for me to actually be here online, right when she needed me.  Of course, it'd be even nicer to be there for her physically when she needed me, but beggars can't be choosers...  that'll come with time.

I am really happy right now to have finally finished the Archives.  Now THAT was a task and a half!!  I was speaking to Kath, a friend of mine, on ICQ tonight and she's keen to be start up her own web page.  We were talking about her page being part of The Spirit, as she wants to do stuff that I'd be interested in having on my own site.  I think it could be part of the spiritual community that I want to create with this website.  If any of you reading this would like to have your own page on here, or would like to submit material to me, please contact me.  It would be lovely to hear from you.

Well, I'm off to bed now....

Be not the slave of your own past -
plunge into the sublime seas,
dive deep, and swim far,
so you shall come back
with self-respect,
with new power,
with an advanced experience,
that shall explain
and overlook
the old.




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2001 Alan Howard