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 The Journal of Alan Howard

7th May 2000 (10:28pm)
Here's a message to you all from 'she-who-is-wonderful'...

Hi Everyone!
You've seen the wig.. you've seen the t shirt!! ..and now I get to introduce myself!

I am the 'woman from England' you will have read about intermittently in Alan's journal, the one who was so pushy and determined that she eventually managed to convince him that he was meant to be with her forever!!!

Having now achieved my goal (he is coming to live with me in Wellington!!!  Yippee!!) we are now doing an all-time internet first by keeping you up to date with progress on our relationship via *both* our online journals - Alan suggests that maybe our diaries/journals will merge one day; I like to hope that instead we will spawn a patter of little journals!!! <giggle>   Alan will kick me for saying that - don't you think Alan's kids  would be cute???? I think we should have an online poll about that one.. 

Anyhow, I digress..

Come and have a look at my diary any time - I would love some cross postings in my guestbook, not to mention  the hit count of my site!!!! And of course if you fancy buying any books on  internet romances while you are browsing, making me a few quid in commission  through Amazon - ->ouch<- Alan that hurt!! <giggle>

Anyhow, rest assured that I will love this guy with all my heart and he is  gonna be happy from now on.. This is the start of the greatest romance the  internet has ever seen, that I can promise!!!

I am sure you will be hearing from me again. 
love and hugs


I've put a message into her journal, and now she's done the same for me.  Everyone say hello to Michelle.   <smile>

The greatest romance the internet has ever seen...  Hmmm...  that's going to be interesting, to see how that develops.

Anyway, today has been quite nice and enjoyable.  I went out for a coffee with a friend, and because it was a beautiful sunny day, it was really nice out.  After I came home I continued working on this website some more, until Michelle came online, then we chatted for an hour or two.  This evening I went to Miss X's to do some website work, as well as have dinner.  I just got back a few minutes ago.

Last night I realised that I had divine inspiration when I designed the logo for this website.  I'm going to do a page on what the logo means, and you'll be able to access that page by clicking on one of the angels up the top.  (If you are reading this tonight, and there's no logo page yet, it means I haven't gotten around to it yet.  Give me time!  Sheesh, pushy....)

The most powerful thing
you can do to change the world,
is to change your own beliefs
about the nature of life, people,
reality, to something
more positive...
and begin to act




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