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 The Journal of Alan Howard

14th September 2000

I'm sitting here (8:43pm) having just packed a suitcase.  I'm heading to Canberra tomorrow afternoon, for Estera's wedding on Saturday.  This week has been so exciting for me, 'cause this weekend I'll be catching up with all my friends again! It's been exactly 3 months since I got here (14th June), but it's been exactly 12 weeks yesterday since I left Australia.  I last saw any of my friends on Tuesday 3 months ago, when I saw Peter, 'Miss X' and Scot on that day.  Not that I've been counting the days or anything...  hehehe.  It's only now that I'm going back that it's been apparent to me when I last saw people.

I'm being picked up by Scot tomorrow night, when my plane flies in at 10:15pm, and I'm staying with him over the weekend.  My agenda has pretty much already been worked out.  On Saturday morning I'm picking up my car from Peter, dropping him off at someone else's place and then I'm racing off to have breakfast with Kath.  I'm having lunch with Scot, and then picking up 'Jill', who's going to the wedding and reception with me.  That should take me through until about 8 or 9pm Saturday night.  After I drop Jill off home, I'm catching up with 'Miss X'.  On Sunday morning, I'm having breakfast with Scot, and then I'm having lunch at Ainslie Football Club.  Most of my friends are joining me there...  that should be so much fun!  I've had Jill book me a table there for up to 15 people, with allowances for another 5, just in case.  I'm planning on getting heaps of photos.  After lunch, I'm meeting up with Miss X again, probably for dinner.  She apparently wants to discuss some business ventures with me...  so I'll see what she has to offer...

Then it's back to Scot's that night, and I'm flying back to Wellington at 8:15am Monday morning.  

I am SO much looking forward to this.  I've missed everyone, and this is just going to be fantastic.



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2001 Alan Howard