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 The Journal of Alan Howard

4th February 2001

Last weekend I bought a new (used) car, a 1992 BMW 525i.  It's fantastic to drive, and I love it!  I've been driving it all over the place, just for the fun of it.  I'm going to take some photos of it today, and when they're developed, I'll put them in here.

It looks like I may be going back to Australia at the end of March, just for a weekend.  My friend Dan is going to be away in the bush for quite a few months on Army exercises, and so I'm going to see him in Brisbane before he goes.  It'll have been almost a year since we last saw each other, and I think we're going to try and see each other as regularly as possible.  Eg. once a year?  The last time I was in Brisbane was in January 1986.  I'm hoping March/April won't be as hot or as muggy as it was during the January period that I remember - I still have nightmares.  Hehehe.  



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