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 The Journal of Alan Howard

Friday - 2nd November 2001 - 2:20pm


It must be hard to know that your son died in combat. It must be even harder to have it represented in a movie, with some actor playing out the death of your son. How would you deal with it? Would you see the movie, or stay away from it?

I've been reading about 'Black Hawk Down' over the past couple of days, which is an up-coming movie. Reading about the events, the facts, the politics and the political incompetence that resulted in the debacle in Mogadishu, Somalia, October 3rd 1993. It included a lot of the comments from family members about their sons who were killed in action. None of the material that I've read though, has any bearing on the soon to be released movie (obviously because the material was written up way before the movie was thought about).

I can imagine the feelings of those who were involved in the D-Day invasion as represented in Saving Private Ryan. I can imagine the feelings of soldiers who were there... they saw it, they felt it, and they remember it. But what about the families, who don't know anything about the reality of what their loved ones experienced? This upcoming movie is based entirely on fact, based on people who fought and died only 8 years ago. With the modern special effects, IF family members see it, they'll see the horror of combat, and witness the factual representation of HOW their loved ones died.

I would see it. If only to understand more about the loss of my loved one, to further help with the releasing of my grief. What about the rest of you?



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2001 Alan Howard