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 The Journal of Alan Howard

6th May 2000 (9pm)
This journal used to be known as Captain's Log, and was based on a Star Trek-type interface.  Well, the journey through the stars has ended - I've found what I have been seeking.  She is a beauty amongst the Heavens, known as Michelle.  Everything in my life has changed because of her - first to let her into my life, and then to join her life.  The next thing to change was my website.

I decided today that it really is time to start focussing on Spirituality in my life, not only for me but for others around me.  Today I decided to redesign my entire website, with the aim of creating a website that focuses on spirituality as well as everything else I want to do with it.  For this reason I have created The Spirit.

For some time now, I've had a mailing list of the same name.  I've always known I was going to do a website for the mailing list - here it is...  The purpose of the mailing list was to send subscribers articles and information on spirituality, and allow discussions on that topic.  This website will be the home base of that list...  Any information and articles will be sent to the list first, and then they will be added to this website.  By subscribing to The Spirit, you will be able to get the articles and information in your email, without needing to go to the website!  <smile>

So that's what I've been doing today...  Do you like my logo?  I designed it today.  It's supposed to be an angel, and I think it looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself.  Now I just have to work out how to make good use of it as a logo...

Michelle and I are really serious about each other.  This isn't just another relationship, or just another girlfriend.  This is commitment, planning for the future, that kind of thing.  It's so exciting!

Well, I better go and work on the rest of this website.  I have to make sure all links lead somewhere, rather than having dead links.  Even though most of this is yet to be done, I have to do all the pages and upload them.  Fleshing the site out with content can come later.  Bye for now!

There are
always risks
in freedom.

The only risk
in bondage,
is that of breaking free.




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2001 Alan Howard