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 The Journal of Alan Howard

Friday - 20th July 2001 - 11:04pm

I've had a performance review the past few weeks.  The first stage was answering written questions that were given to me, about my work and position in this company, what I thought about various things, what I wanted to do, etc.  That was passed back to management for their perusal.  I went through the second stage today, where management's comments, opinions and suggestions were made to me.  I was very surprised with what they had to say.  Pleasantly surprised, that is.  I found out that I'm doing a great job, they think my customer service is exceptional, and that I'm doing a job that's better than most.  Talk about good for the ego!  Hehehe.  I chose the opportunity to start talking about what I wanted...  I've been there a year now, and I'm getting tired of just doing the telephone support.  There's also the fact that many of the calls that I take can't be resolved by me, due to lack of knowledge and skills, and I'm passing them on to those people who are best able to handle it.  I'm not happy with that.  I could up-skill myself, which hasn't been much of an option because the increase in call volume has prevented me getting the time to do learn new skills.  Or I could change roles and do something that I'd be more interested in doing, something where I can actually complete tasks and feel more capable.  They did their best to reassure me that they didn't think I wasn't doing a great job, but I sort of forced the issue, so we discussed other options.  There's an area called the Technical Support Centre (TSC) which handles research and resolution of problems that onsite technicians experience... that became an option that could be attractive.  Another option was that Jimmy, the network administrator, is having his workload increase and would need someone to give him a hand.  That became an option as well.  This company that I work for is just awesome!  They are happy to present options for moving around within the company, rather than see me dissatisfied with what I'm doing, and that just makes me feel great!

Nothing is confirmed yet, but I've set the details in motion.  I want a change, and I'm asking for it.  I will get it too, I know that.  I don't know when though, but it will happen.



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2001 Alan Howard