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 The Journal of Alan Howard

Monday - 6th August 2001 - 4:50pm

Hey, surprise surprise, it's time for another journal entry. There's not much new on the work front, other than them agreeing to me spending time with the network engineer to learn about his job. I've also talked to Scot last night, back in Canberra, and he's set me up with online course material. I'm going to be using that to help me study for my MCSE, which should be a lot of fun. Once I get that behind me, the world should be my oyster... figuratively speaking, of course. Hehehe. I'm quite excited about what I'm doing, it's going to be leading me in an entirely new direction. Who knows where I'll end up? Hmmm... that seems to be the continuing story of my life. <smile>

I'm going to be selling the BMW soon. Due to the changes in my living conditions and expenses, I've decided that the car can go as an unjustified expense right now. Once things change again, I'll get another BMW, but I hardly use it right now. Mainly 'cause it's cheaper and quicker to get a bus and train from where I'm living now, than it is to drive in and park in the city. It was pretty difficult to come to that decision, 'cause it's such a wonderful car, but it's only a car, and I can get another one again later on when things get better financially. When I get a higher paying job, I'll probably be able to get myself an even later model BMW... woohoo!

I've been having this really interesting time in a dating site lately, and have been posting various comments to a message board they have there. One of the issues on the site has been the posting of photos, with a lot of women unhappy about putting their photo on the site, for one reason for another, and having conflicts with people who want to see what they look like. The comments that I've made has, as of today, helped a few of them decide that it's ok to post their photo, and it's ok to be happy with themselves, and it's ok to not care what other people think. It's been quite exciting, having this kind of positive effect on the self esteem of those people. After talking about it with various friends on ICQ and others in the site's chat room, I decided to take my comments and make an article out of them.  You can find it here - Self Esteem and Photos on Singles Websites.  Now that I've just finished writing it this afternoon, I'll have to write a follow-up article that's likely to be about how to focus on the positives in your life and move forward.  It's pretty exciting for me to be inspired with writing these articles...  I really want to get some good stuff into the articles section on this site, and the only way to do that is to do it myself and hope that people will send me their own articles for submission as well.



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