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 The Journal of Alan Howard

8th May 2001

Venus is amazing. She's the best thing that's happened to me so far... and it can only get better. Or worse, I guess. The wind can blow all kinds of different ways.  But the wind that I'm feeling at the moment is surely one that warms the soul, rather than blows right through you. <smile>

One of my friends said recently that I'm always saying that my girlfriend (at the time) is the best I've ever had, and that means I just look like an idiot now.  I told them that they just don't understand the way things have been working.  Each woman has been getting better than the previous!  And that's the way it should be, and that THEY'RE the idiot for thinking otherwise!  I'd hate to hear myself say, "Man, she's the worst woman I've ever wanted to be with. Worse even than the last one, and you KNOW I didn't want to be with her!"  Some people look at things really strangely, and hassle you when you say that 'she's the best I've ever been with'. It just keeps on getting better, obviously!

You're probably wondering, what is it that makes this woman the best thing that's happened to me so far? Well, she's not prone to jealousy, nor is she insecure. She's understanding of human nature (and of me), and she's studied psychology and is getting into spirituality. She's incredibly beautiful, and she's a refreshing breath of fresh air in my life, and she loves me and wants to spend the rest of her life with me. Right from the second time we met, things have just been getting better and better between us, and there has been nothing about her that has given me any doubts.

Now THAT'S the unusual part. Every single woman I've been with in the past has had something about them that's made me doubtful, in some small manner. I've usually ignored the doubts and jumped into it anyway. I haven't had any doubts with Venus, even though I've found myself trying to find some. It's like, surely there's something bad about her? There's gotta be! But no, there isn't. Not yet, anyway...

She's moving down here this weekend. It's going to be great having her so much closer.  At least from next week I won't have to drive nearly 2 hours to see her!  Woohoo!

Based on the fact that my home is in Australia, I've already told her some weeks ago that I intended to move back there eventually, if there wasn't anything that was keeping me here. That was telling her that I wanted to move back, but I was flexible. Her reply was that if I wanted to go there, then she'd come with me. I almost ran off the road in surprise when she told me that (I was driving at the time)! She said that she was quite happy to go with me, 'cause she was in love with me. I was blown away by that... So we've set a tentative date for moving to Australia to be in around 2 years time. I'm taking her to Canberra with me this October, to show her around the place. Hopefully she'll like it.  And hopefully things will still be great in a couple years.  <smile>



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2001 Alan Howard